WCOS04 deklaratsioon

Neljanda ülemaailmse stsenaristide konverentsi (WCOS) korraldajate poolt avaldatud ja osalejate poolt heaks kiidetud deklaratsioon:

Declaration of the 4th World Conference of Screenwriters (WCOS 04) Berlin,
11th October 2018

Writers and their guilds attending the 4th World Conference of Screenwriters salute the mission of WCOS to bring writers from around the world together to share experiences and develop approaches to building power and freedom for writers wherever they may live and work.

At a time when writers are under daily attack, risking their lives to write the truth, when women writers are marginalised, we also see people and cultures threatened, abused, and denigrated. As writers’ guilds it is our most basic tenet that the only viable routes to both the power to control the conditions under which we create, and the freedom to create what we believe in, are solidarity and collective action.

In this spirit we will raise our voices against the dark forces of hatred, intolerance, exclusion and rapacious greed that are building all around us. We will continue to tell our stories in the conviction that we inspire the humanity and collective purpose that are needed to preserve democracy itself.