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The Estonian Screenwriters’ Guild is a trade organisation that brings together writers who work in film, television, animation, video games and new media, as well as script editors and theorists. ESG offers screenwriters opportunities for professional development, protects their interests, works to improve screenwriters’ working conditions and status as an author. We will be happy to collaborate with other film industry professionals at home and abroad.


Sahtel in an online platform where you’ll find screenwriters’ and script consultants’ profiles as well as pitch pages of unproduced stories. Some of our writers are fluent in English and other languages and are open to collaboration with filmmakers in other countries. Some projects have information or a screenplay in English (you’ll see languages marked next to the title). Let us know if you’re looking for something specific and we’ll forward your request to our screenwriters.
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ESG Members of the Board:

Margit Keerdo-Dawson (Chairwoman)
Andris Feldmanis
Leana Jalukse
Lauri Lippmaa
Laura Raud

Membership Information
ESG welcomes screenwriters, script editors and theorists residing in Estonia as its members. We organise various events, workshops and lectures for our members, and provide support with career development.
Fees: one-time application fee 35 Euros, annual membership fee 25 Euros.
To become a member, please send an application with two recommendations (by ESG members) and CV to
Feel free to contact us for more information.

MTÜ Eesti Stsenaristide Gild (Estonian Screenwriters’ Guild)
Uus tn 3, Tallinn 10111


Registry code: 80553463
Swedbank account: EE89 2200 2210 6992 7592

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